I have many individual clients who own Spanish properties and for whom I assist with many administrative and legal matters in connection with their property.

Living in Spain:

Having practised in Spain for a firm of lawyers dealing with Spanish property and estate matters, I decided to set up my own practice upon returning to the UK so that I can assist clients who are purchasing or selling Spanish Properties or those who need assistance with Spanish Wills and Estates.

Services for Private Individuals

Spanish Property Services:
  • Setting up accounts with the utility companies
  • Helping clients set up bank accounts and direct debits.
  • Dealing with Spanish Property Taxes.
  • Liaising with the notario and / or agent in respect of your purchase / sale.
  • Organising repairs or renovations to properties.
  • Setting up internet and telephone connections.
  • Organising re-connection / repair to utilities which have failed for one reason or another.
  • Organising emergency plumbers and electricians.

Spanish Wills and Estate Administration:
  • Spanish Will Writing. Spanish succession and inheritance rules differ from the UK and you need to be aware of this especially if you are also arranging for an English Will to cover any UK assets which you may still own.
  • Dealing with Spanish Probate/Administration of Spanish Estates

A Small Portfolio

Tax returns: Assisting with completion of tax forms enabling the client to meet the tight tax deadlines and more importantly avoid any penalties. Advising on exemptions available.

Spanish Property Taxes: Advising on liability for Spanish property and inheritance taxes. Arranging for demands to be lifted where necessary.

General Administrative Letters: I have provided telephone assistance to clients in receipt of general letters and correspondence received from the French Administrative authorities (i.e. banks, gas, telephone, electricity, and water authorities.

Spanish Property Purchases /Sales: Examples of work include agreeing a substantial discount with a Spanish property developer for unfinished works in connection with a property that my client was purchasing. Arranging a large deposit to be returned to my client where he had decided not to proceed with the purchase after the cooling off period. Dealing with Powers of Attorney. Attending at the notario with and on behalf of a number of clients who were purchasing or selling their Spanish properties.

If you own a Spanish property and you would like some help with any of these (or any other) matters, then please call now to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please email your enquiry to: info@lingualaw.co.uk

Services for Solicitors

Please contact me in the event that any of your clients are purchasing or selling a Spanish property. I can liaise with the notario and guide the client through the Spanish conveyancing process.

If you are preparing wills for clients who have assets in Spain, you will need to know whether your client should have both and English and Spanish Will or if they have adopted a matrimonial regime which will dictate how their assets are dealt with on death.

I can help you consider Spanish succession and inheritance rules and I can also assist in drawing up a Spanish Will.

Similarly, please contact me in the event that you are dealing with an estate involving Spanish assets. I can contact the relevant authorities on your / your client’s behalf and also assist with the various estate forms and payment of taxes where necessary.

Please feel free to call me at any time to discuss your matter.
Alternatively, please email your enquiry to: info@lingualaw.co.uk