Specializing in expert translation services for the legal and property industry for well over 10 years. I'm able to translate from French and Spanish into English.

My qualifications and experience as a
lawyer-linguist places me in a favourable
position of providing a service which is
professional, reliable and accurate.


I translate many types of documents including:

Because I am a qualified lawyer and translator, I have a thorough understanding of 'legal language' and, the ability to express that meaning in the target language (i.e. the language into which I am translating - English). I then produce a translation which used the correct terminology relevant to the legal system or industry of the receiving culture. Having also studied translation theory, I know that translation procedures add to a translator's skill and this in turn, enables me to deliver beyond my client's expectations.

For legal purposes, we also offer the following types certification:

Certified Translation

A translation which is attached to a certificate of accuracy and signed by the translator.

Sworn Translation

An affidavit is sworn before a solicitor / commissioner for oaths and is attached to the original translation.

Legalised translation

Where an Affidavit is sworn before a Notary Public and legalised by Apostille at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. This is suitable for documents being used outside of the U.K.